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Complete intensive course 

Available levels: B1 and B2

Duration:        B1: 4 weeks.                B2: 5 weeks.

The complete intensive courses cover the syllabus that corresponds to a level and that is needed to pass a test. This course is designed and planned so that from day one, you can see the entire syllabus and do practice tests in the duration of the course. You can also have 100 % access to the online material in a platform developed by our team.

Maximum students per class: 6 students.

In our intensive course, you can choose what test you want to prepare for: Aptis, Cambridge, or IELTS. For complimentary activities for your classes, you can practice with official templates of the tests, which will allow you to comprehend the structure of each test, and give you the necessary proficiency needed to pass them. For us, it is fundamental that you prepare and practice for any test because you must know the format of each test in its entirety.

Schedule & Courses


   9:00 – 10:00  10:00 – 11:00

 11:30 – 12:30   15:30 – 16:30 

 17:00-18:00     18:30-19:30 

   20:00 – 21:00


9:00 – 10:00  10:00 – 11:00

   11:30 – 12:30   15:30 – 16:30 

 17:00-18:00   18:30-19:30

20:00 – 21:0

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Our online classes:

Our online classes are designed to allow you to take full use of them while working on all of your necessary skills to dominate the language and to help you pass a test.


The methodology that we use keeps in mind the different learning styles, combining live online classes with autonomous work from home.

For us, different aspects are very important for the acquisition of knowledge, and they are:

  • Our groups are reduced because your teacher has to know you and help you to improve individually.

  • The classroom environment or as we call it the learning environment is fundamental and is something that teachers keep in mind.

  • The contents and exercises are adapted to each level and focused on acquiring knowledge in a simple and entertaining way.

  • To improve the language skills in a language it is necessary to practice regularly the different skills. (Speaking, Listening, Reading, Writing, Grammar y Vocabulary), where each student has the time and space to develop them.

  • Regular test practice, combined with learning strategies that will allow you to pass the tests, and will give you the advantage to take any test with confidence.

Now, we would like to show you some examples of how we work online. But first I would like you to meet our teachers.

Our teachers

Allow us to introduce our multicultural team of teachers, that have extensive teaching experience with the formation and preparation in different tests, that allow the students to achieve different language certifications.

cursos ingles online

How do we work on each skill? 


To practice oral expression, the teachers have presentations prepared with images and questions that will help you to develop your verbal skills. On certain occasions, you will talk directly with the teachers and on other occasions with your classmates. Group debates, dialogues, and presentations are encouraged during classes. The best way to improve your speaking skills is with regular practice and an enjoyable environment that favors communication.

curso ingles online


Practicing your listening skills is fundamental for the development of your hearing skills and learning to highlight the different grammatical, lexical, and pronunciation strengths. That’s why you would be assigned daily listening tasks, filled with autocorrected exercises, that you can do as many times as you need. Also, once a week, you will be tasked with completing a full listening test, that will allow you to practice and evaluate your development. This regular practice is fundamental for your development.

curso online de ingles


The objective of developing your writing skills is that you can organize and use in a fluid and coherent manner, every grammatical structure and expressions according to your level.

This crucial skill is worked in two ways: on one hand, you will be tasked with different individual activities in which the tutor will guide you to improve your skills. On the other hand, group learning is very positive: using shared files, you will be able to do exercises simultaneously with your classmates, therefore helping you to acquire more knowledge.


To improve reading comprehension, you need to practice regularly, that’s why you will always be facilitated with enough exercises that will help you to acquire all the vocabulary you need. We will also help you to further develop your deduction skills and to help your global comprehension of texts by capturing details.

curso online de ingles granada


For better comprehension and assimilation of grammatical content, you will have your tutor’s explanation, who will guide you and solve any doubts you may have. You will be provided with all the theoretical explanations and you will always have a series of exercises at your disposal that with constant practice, are bound to help you acquire more knowledge.

Of course, grammatical skills are necessary to express fluidly in any language, that is why throughout the courses you are going to employ the different contexts that your tutor will guide you through, both in written and oral communication situations.

curso ingles aptis


For a better comprehension of the vocabulary, we will facilitate you with everything you need to dominate each level, accompanied by an assignment that you will do both in and out of the classroom. To improve this skill, different learning strategies are used allowing you to use vocabulary you learned in different communication contexts.

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