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Practice APTIS, with more than 400 test exercises and feedback from a native-speaking teacher.

Practice IELTS, , complete tests in the same format that you will find on the day of the test.

Focused exclusively on each student’s necessities. You will be able to choose beforehand what you want your classes to be about and in the schedule that best fits you.

The intensive group courses cover the whole syllabus that corresponds to a level and that you need to pass a test, with a teacher always by your side. These courses are designed and planned so that you will be able to view the entire content and practice the test during the course.

Do you need a course with flexible hours and at your own pace? Here you will have a complete online course with self-correcting exercises and the whole syllabus that you need to learn.

Our adventure began...

In 2014 as B1B2.top, focused on making our students learn English without feeling embarrassed when expressing themselves and making them feel comfortable in a relaxed and enjoyable environment to give the best of them.  Thanks to our students, we have grown little by little, seeking personalized solutions while working with different learning methods for each student and their needs.

Our main objective is that you can learn English in a practical, real and enjoyable manner, and obtain your English certificate.

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Allow us to introduce our multicultural team of teachers, that have extensive teaching experience with the formation and preparation in different tests, that allow the students to achieve different language certifications.

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Learn English without feeling embarrassed when expressing yourself in a relaxed and enjoyable environment where you can give the best of you.