One to one English classes online

Native speaking teachers, that are experts in official tests! We are more than 30.000 users.

One on one english classes online!

One on one English classes online

Native teachers – experts in official tests.

Native teachers – experts in official tests. 

Levels: A2 – B1 – B2 – C1

We know that you are a busy person, that is why we have developed a call system inside an application, and with just a few clicks, it will allow you to access a class with a native teacher, who is an expert in official tests. We have also developed material to help you take advantage of as much time as possible. Thousands of students are already preparing with us. What are you waiting for?

45-minute classes

You will be able to choose beforehand what you want your classes to be about. The teacher will give you a complete test guide, as well as tips and tricks. Scroll down below so we can explain to you the topics you can choose for your classes. Let’s Go!


Access the app

Log in using your Google account

Click on consult schedule to see the available hours

Choose the schedule that best suits you

10 minutes before the start of the selected class schedule you will be granted access through the app by your teacher

What you can practice:


– Do you want to do an online test with a teacher and receive personalized feedback?
– Looking for tips and tricks to improve your score?
– Are there some parts of the test that you don’t seem to grasp and need guidelines?

Choose what you need and an expert teacher will help you to achieve it.


–        Do you want a teacher to guide you on how to improve your score?

–        Do you want to know what is fundamental to use in a test?

–       Still not clear on what vocabulary or grammatical structures you can use?

–        Do you want to learn how to write different types of text to pass the test?

Choose the one you need and an expert teacher will help you to achieve it.


You also have an available platform, as well as notifications for your classes.


 Do you want to improve your listening score?

Practice makes perfect: in our platform, you have complete tests available, that cover every section of the test. You will receive the results right away and you will be able to do the exercises as many times as you need.


 Do you need to practice reading?

Our platform comes with more than 50 reading exercises with automatic corrections,so you can receive your score instantly.


Want to improve your score?

Practice, practice and practice with our online exercises. Receive inmediate and easy feedback. 


If you need a bit more practice, don’t worry, here you have a complete online course, filled with  exercises. Review everything from vocabulary, grammar, speaking and listening exercises.

Our teachers

Allow us to introduce our multicultural team of teachers, that have extensive teaching experience with the formation and preparation in different tests, that allow the students to achieve different language certifications.

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