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There are 4 parts to this exam in total. For each part, you will be given an image or text to complete along with some questions. Then there will be a recording and you will need to listen for the answer to each question. You will hear each recording twice. You will also have time before each recording to look at the questions and to prepare yourself, I recommend to use this time wisely.


For this part, you will hear 7 short monologues or conversations. On the exam paper, there is going to be a question and 3 images. You then need to identify the key points from the recording and select the correct answer. The recordings could be a message, instruction or advice.

Pay close attention to the details and listen out for important pieces of information. Always read the question carefully and look at the pictures before you listen. The recording will mention and talk about all 3 images so listen out for clues to help you to select your answer such as negatives or disagreement.



Similar to part 1, but without the images. You need to listen to 6 short dialogues from 2 people. You then need to select 1 of 3 options available to you. The recording will be about everyday situations.

Same as part one, listen out for important pieces of information and find clues to help you select the correct answer. Also think about synonyms of the words, as the speaker might not say the exact the same word as the options, but something similar.


With part three, there is going to be a monologue giving information about an activity or place. Your paper will appear something similar to this:

Listen to the recording and fill in the gap with the relevant information. There are 6 gaps to be completed in total. The answer  can be up to 3 words.

Use the time before the recording is played to predict what kind of answer you need. For example:

‘The day will start with all students in their__________ – By looking at this sentence, we can predict that we need a place or location.

You may need an adjective, adverb, noun,  a number etc.

This will help you to listen out for the correct answer.


And for the final part, this recording will be a dialogue by a professional person and you need to identify the person attitude or opinions. There will be 6 questions and you are required to choose one of the multi-choice option available. The subject of the recording will generally be about social activities, work or everyday actions.


When answering, always check the question and each choice fully and try to find out if the speaker agrees with one of the points. It is one long recording and the questions will follow with what the speaker is saying. If you miss one, continue listen and try to get the answer on the second listen.


Listening in another language to your native one is always difficult so expose yourself to as many English recordings as possible, use YouTube and watch films in English. The more you listen in English, the more you will improve.

Also, during the exam, keep calm. If you didn’t understand one recording, make a guess and move on to the next one. Never leave an answer blank though.


You will get 1 mark for each correct answer.

When the exam has been completed, your score will be scaled and added to the rest of the Cambridge exam scores. Your overall average scale will determine which level you have achieved.


Feel like you need to practice some exercises? Or want to try out the other parts of the exam?





If you have any questions, you can contact us anytime. Good luck with your exam!

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